Steam Cooker-Stretcher mod. DM18/150/CIP

Cooking and stretching of any type of “pasta filata” cheese, particularly suited for cheese with medium low humidity content, like pizza-cheese, provolone, scamorza, analogue mozzarella.
Macchine prearranged for automatic C.I.P. clearing

Production capacity
Adjustable up to 150 kg/cycle – 600 kg/h

The steam cooker-stretcher is specially designed for the cooking, stretching and kneading of “pasta filata” cheeses.
Consisting of a fully insulated triple wall vat, in which can circulate both hot water and steam, allowing the indirect heating of the cheese mass. Furthermore the direct steam injection through multiple poppet injectors positioned on the inner tank walls, ensures to diffuse the steam intensively, striking directly the cheese mass and thus allowing to reduce the cooking time, to guarantee a homogenous quality product and to increase the yield.
Then the action of the two counter-rotating augers of large diameter, with cutting and contrast tools, at adjustable speed, allows to cut the curd during the loading and moving phase and subsequently to stretch and knead the cheese mass that becomes rich of fibers, an obligatory feature for mozzarella, analogue mozzarella and pizza-cheese.
The duration of the working cycle, the cooking temperature and the auger rotation speed are all adjustable parameters, depending on the product to be produced and on the applied technology. When stretching is completed the product is discharged through a special product exit door.
The cooking-stretching machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the parts in contact with the product are treated with Teflon certified for the food industry.

Automatic water dosing system
Automatic system for weighing of ingredients
Control panel for PLC control with automatic control software and touch screen
Transport system with double auger to feed the moulder
Version made entirely of 316 stainless steel