Continuous Cooking-Stretching and Moulding Machine with double stretching arms mod. Compact 500/2T

For continuous curd cutting, cooking-stretching and moulding of any kind of “pasta filata” cheese: mozzarella, fior di latte, pizza-cheese, provolone, scamorza.
Particularly indicated for very soft cheeses with high humidity content, such as buffalo mozzarella and Italian traditional fresh mozzarella. Machine complete with curd slicer, cooker-stretcher and moulder, with integrated cooking water preparation, heating and circulation group.

Mozzarella from 1 to 500 g
Scamorza and provole
Slices, disks or other particular shapes
Cylindrical products like pizza cheese, provolone etc. up to 4 kg
Continuous cords for the manual production of treccia (tress cheese), nodino (knot cheese), oaxaca and string cheese
Cheese dough sheet

Production capacity
Adjustable up to 600 kg/h

The continuous cooking-stretching and moulding machine mod. Compact 500/2T is characterized by compact dimensions, easy use, great production flexibility and excellent performance for medium large dairies. The machine consists of a curd slicer where the curd blocks are cut into the desired size by rotating knives, mounted on a cutting disk with adjustable speed.
The curd slices, coming from the curd slicer, continuously feed the heating-cooking section. In this section the curd is conveyed forward by two augers with adjustable speed, and subjected to heating and humidification by continuous adding of hot water, prepared in a special vat integrated in the machine. Temperature, water quantity and water level are adjustable.

The stretching and kneading of the product is subsequently carried out by the mechanical action of the stretching arms with variable speed, then the product passes through a second stretching section with further stretching arms. In both stretching sections can be adjusted the speed of the stretching arms as well as the water input and quantity.
The cheese mass then passes through a special discharge outlet and is continuously fed into the moulder, designed for the production of spherical shaped mozzarella or other products with various shapes and/or sizes.
The cooking-stretching and moulding machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the parts in contact with the product are treated with Teflon certified for the food industry.

Moulding drums from 1 to 500 g
Moulding drums for scamorza, provole of various sizes
Moulding drums for small slices or other particular shapes
Pneumatic moulding device for the moulding of cylindrical products
Extruding device for continuous cords
Extruding device for cheese dough sheet
Version Compact 500/2T/E, with electric heating
Version Compact 500/2T/S, with heating by overheated water / or indirect steam