Jody Scheckter

From Formule One races with Ferrari cars to production of Buffalo Mozzarella at his Laverstoke Park Farm in England.

The last World Champion behind the wheel of a Ferrari car for the next 21 years, until the year 2000 when Michael Schumacher started winning his first world championship for the Prancing Horse (click here for more info). Jody Scheckter started organic farming as a hobby 15 years ago, but it has since turned into a passion and major business. Nowadays his farm, Laverstoke Park Farm, is one of the biggest and valued biodynamic farm in the world, hailed by international experts as a model. Laverstoke Park Farm produces a big variety of organic foods, including Buffalo Mozzarella made made by using traditional Italian technology and equipment completely supplied by DIMA in cooperation with Tetra Pak CPS England.

Jody Scheckter
“Thanks to DIMA for the best equipment in the World” signed Jody Scheckter. This poster was sent by Jody Scheckter to DIMA after the start of the Buffalo Mozzarella production. We are especially honored and proud that Jody Schecker wanted to express ourselves in this way his great appreciation of our machines.
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